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National Consumer Protection Week

It is National Consumer Protection week! This is a time for our firm to help consumers like you understand your rights in order to make well informed decisions regarding your finances.  


One of the crucial areas that consumers must begin to focus on within their finances is identity theft.   Awareness of the importance of monitoring one’s credit, including but not limited to credit scores, open lines of credit, registered financial accounts, etc. is key.


Creating and maintaining this awareness will not only protect you from identity theft and fraud, it will protect your credit from inaccurate reports.    


Be responsible with your credit and financial information.   Don’t share it with companies that you are not familiar with, whether over the phone or by email.   Protect your accounts with strong creative passwords and maintain an accurate idea of what your credit score should be. is a website that provides one free credit report from all 3 credit bureaus annually. Check your report annually and save the reports so that you may access them later.

We hope these tips assisted you with protecting your credit! Further questions?   Contact us today for your free consultation.

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