Case Results

The following creditors and debt collectors/buyers have dismissed cases in the face of opposition by the attorneys at Golden & Cardona-Loya, LLP:

CACH, LLC; Capital One Bank; Bancard Portfolios; Asset Acceptance; FIA Card Services; Security Credit Services; First Resolution Investment Corp.; Unifund CCR Partners; Equable Ascent Financial; Erin Capital Management; Sallie Mae; CACV of Colorado; LVNV; Ford Motor Credit; Persolve; Arrow Financial Services; Cavalry Portfolio Services; Capital Financial Credit; Midland Funding; Thornton Financial Services; Real Time Resolutions; Dodeka, LLC; NCO; Resurgence Financial; US Collections West; North Star Capital Acquisitions; Bank of America; Palisades Collection; Worldwide Asset Purchasing; EMCC Investment Ventures, LLC; ACA Receivables; GCFS, Inc.; Harvest Credit Management; Velocity Investments; IDT Carmel, Inc.; Fortis Capital; ARC; Professional Collection Consultants; ANJ Corporation; JD Consumer Three, LLC; Thornton Financial Services; American Express; Tri-Cap Investment Partners; MBNA; Crown Asset Management; Discover Card; Lagniappe Growth & Income Fund, LLC; ARA Receivables; Great Seneca Financial Corp.; Credigy Receivables; and MRC Receivables Corp.