Mortgage Relief Specific to Californians Affected By COVID-19

Posted by Golden & Cardona-Loya, LLPApr 14, 20200 Comments

As requested by Governor Gavin Newsom, major national banks and nearly 200 state-chartered banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders/servicers committed to providing California homeowners relief as a result of the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The relief is not predicated on the Federal CARES Act, but provides independent relief for California homeowners. National banks participating as of this blog post are Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, US Bank, and Wells Fargo.

A comprehensive list of the national banks, state-chartered banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders and servicers who agreed to provide the mortgage and fee relief is available at (the pertinent websites and phone numbers for the financial institutions are also provided at the link).

So what relief is available for Californians impacted by COVID-19?

90-day grace period for all mortgage payments

Waiver or refund of mortgage-related late fees and other fees including early CD withdrawals

No starting any foreclosure sales or evictions

Late or missed payments will not be shared with credit reporting agencies and will not affect your credit score

The relief is pursuant to applicable guidelines and may not necessarily be available for everyone so it is imperative to contact your financial institution to see what relief is available.

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